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Are you in charge of planning your company’s next conference? Or are you presenting potential keynote speakers to your committee? That’s the most important piece of the puzzle! Wouldn’t you agree? The key factor that will draw a greater audience is who will be the keynote speaker. So where do you begin to look for options for keynote speakers? What type of keynote speaker do you need? Will he or she be motivational, educational, entertaining, political, or entrepreneurial? Do you have the time to read through so many biographies while managing your daily workload? That is where B.R.P comes in. Let us take this hassle off your hands.

B.R.P. offers hundreds of national, regional, and local speakers to fit any event or conference. We begin by listening to assess needs and understand the objectives and budgetary guidelines. We then conduct research using our extensive database, experience, and expertise in the speaking industry to find the perfect speaker that’s applicable to your event or conference purpose and audience.

Our efforts save you precious time, and prevent the frustration of locating, interviewing, and checking the references of many speakers. We can recommend each speaker with confidence because we go to extreme measures to make sure the speaker is excellent on stage, pleasant and professional.

There are many adjectives that can describe the type of keynote speakers we can book for your event. Whether you are looking for an  engaging, groundbreaking, insightful, influential, intriguing, pioneering, satirical, passionate, thought provoking, or innovative keynote speaker, B.R.P. will meet your needs. Below are just a few descriptions of keynote speakers.  


Keynote speakers motivational speakers

Are you looking to book an
inspirational and captivating leader for your audience? Does your audience need uplifting? Does your audience need to be pushed for greater potential? If so, a motivational speaker is the right type of speaker for your event or conference. A  motivational speaker aims to
motivate and inspire the  audience.  


Keynote speakers Educational speakers

Educational speakers are not just speakers about education. Educational speakers can educate your audience on any topic. The overall objective is to educate. Educational speakers are always insightful,  enlightening, and engaging.


bussiness keynote speakers

Are you appealing to business- minded individuals? Do you  need to book an entrepreneurial genius to speak at your event or conference? If  so, book a business related speaker. Your audience will expect a pioneer and innovator to deliver an influential message. There’s no better speaker to fit this narrative besides an entrepreneurial keynote speaker.


political affairs keynote speaker

Do you need to book a speaker to discuss current affairs? Are  you looking to book a speaker  to speak to a group of veterans? Is your event or conference for  a Department of Defense  organization such as the  military? If so, you want to book a political speaker. Don’t be fooled! Political speakers  deliver great messages for other events as well! They deliver   great messages about many  topics such as leadership and determination.  


edutainment speakers keynote speakers

Have you ever heard of the  term edutainment?  Edutainment is an entertaining  segment with an educational or  motivational message.   Entertainment speakers are becoming more popular, and they can come in many forms such as satirist or mentalist. If you’re looking to put a new  twist on your upcoming event or conference, an entertainment speaker may be  a great choice for you!