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Stage Show Entertainment

B.R.P. Stage Show Entertainment






A stage show is the perfect complement for entertaining a larger crowd!

B.R.P. Entertainment has numerous acts to choose from that will WOW your guests. Stage shows come in many packages. They can be interactive or they can strictly entertain. There are lots of options to choose from! Examples of show entertainment include; magicians, physical comedians, standup comedians, impressionists, ventriloquists, illusionists, mentalists, and variety show groups.




Hire a magician brp entertainment

Magicians come in varying styles!
Magicians can appeal to adults and/or children. Let us know what you envision, and we’ll be sure to provide a great magician to fit the nature of your  event!


PHysical Comedy Entertainment

Physical comedy is a clownish exploitation of movement. Whether it’s a pratfall – silly face – or walking into walls, physical comedy is seldom a subtle form of comedy. Physical comedy stage shows will fill your audience with laughter and make your event a memorable – and talked about event
for months.


Stand up commedian

Stand-up comedians are the make or break comedians. With no props or special effects, these comedians have original material delivered using their unique styles. B.R.P. Entertainment can recommend a stand-up comedian for any event. Some of our performers cater to younger audiences, while others are great with adults. We have comedians who modify their material to fit your business or industry event. Tell us about your audience and we’ll help you find the right stand-up comedian.


themed entertainment

A variety show is always a hit. Seasoned groups entertain your audience with show tunes, dancing, costume changes, and back-up music that will keep your guests moving in their seats! Variety shows can be a variety of anything such as dances and songs, or stunts and tricks. B.R.P. can recommend the perfect variety show applicable to your audience desires.